General Camping

General camping costs are included in your festival ticket (camping is only available for the duration of the purchased ticket).

The camping grounds are accessible by caravan, motorhome, bus and other large vehicles, although there are plenty of utes and swags to be seen!

For those with a creative edge, a number of campsite competitions offer an array of prizes for campsites judged the most unusual and innovative and/or environmentally friendly.

Disabled Camping

Disabled camping spots are limited so please give the office a call on 07 5482 2099. You will need to book your space through the office to secure your disabled camping space, there are limited spaces available.

There is no power or generators supplied to the disabled camping area. You can bring your own generator, but you CANNOT run your generator during the night.

Nashville Park Camping

Nashville Park is an area you can book on line. The Muster will rope off this area for you from the 31 July 2016. You will be able to camp in this spot anytime from the 31 July 2016 but please remember that you must be self-sufficient until the 23rd August 2016.

There are 2 size allocations available in this area, Large (9mtr x 15mtr) or Regular (9mtr x 12mtr). Only a limited number of campsites will be for sale. There is a limit of one car per campsite, extra cars can be parked in the day carpark. These sites DO NOT have power.

Powered Camp sites Now Available

2016 is the year we are offering a limited number of powered campsites. Power will be supplied via a generator. The powered sites are not fault-tolerant and are not designed or intended for use in connection with equipment in hazardous environments requiring fail-safe performance, such as direct life support machines, in which the failure of a product could lead directly to death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage. If you have a life support machine, other electricity-dependent medical device at your camp-site, or if you are concerned that the power to a particular device may be turned off you should supply your own power. The Gympie Music Muster will not be responsible for any power difficulties or any damage that occurs to your camp-site. The Muster assumes no responsibility including electrical damage. Patrons will need to provide their own extension cord (up to 30 metres in length, will be required, depending on the site position) to plug into the camping ground distribution board. All extension cords must be tested and tagged as per Electrical Testing Standard AS3760. Please ensure you bring the correct extension cords as Electrical Inspectors may cut electrical cords that are not up to standard.


Since it’s early beginnings camping at the Gympie Music Muster has been something special with many people coming back year after year just to experience the wonderful and varied locations and to re unite with “old friends” and make new ones.

2016 will once again see the "Apex Camp Marshalls" and their team of neighbourhood watch campers. These “Red Shirts” have been missing for a few years and are very excited to be back again  in 2016.

Their main task is to ensure that all campers have the best experience possible regardless of how many times they have been to the Muster. Their 24 hour presence will build a sense of safety and a point of call for those who may have a special need or request, along with their role to ensure that all aspects relating to everyone’s health and safety are met.

The Apex Red Shirts will be in all camping zones from the front cattle grid to the rear grid at Polson’s Hill from the morning of July 30th 2016. They will meet you on arrival, or soon after, so please ensure that you have a rope off permit with you, and that it’s intact and includes the bar code. Please note that you must have a rope off permit prior to any “land claim” from August 1st. When marking out your site you will need to display a copy of your rope off and a copy of your "Season" or "3 day" festival ticket laminated and attached to your temporary tent on your site (please blackout your last name and address before laminating and attaching to your site), your barcode must be visable on your ticket.

* If you have purchased a Camping permit/rope off you must be self-sufficient until Tuesday 23rd August 2016.

It is our desire to make your camping experience as safe and enjoyable as possible and to do this the Muster Team needs to know how many people are staying in our natural and unique camping location. From August 1st to August 31st all people camping must have a "Season" or "three-day" event ticket.  Should there be space available for over night camping it will be made available on the 25th, 26th, 27th 28th August to single-day ticket holders. The campsites will be monitored to ensure all people have a wristband along with check points prior to entering the site.

2016 is our 35th Muster and we know that it will bring back a lot of the community spirit that the Muster is famous for.

With us all working together this will be the best Muster yet. And the party is getting closer!

Please note:

Some well-meaning friends of the Muster have been roping off prior to the 30th July and have been purchasing a permit from Parks to cover the period prior to 30th July. These permits from Parks are only for the area we call “Slim Dusty Drive” and referred to as the Amamoor State Forest Park camping area on the permit issued by Parks . This is the only area they apply to and this area is booked out over the Muster. No camping or rope off is allowed in any other area until 30th July. Now we have got that out of the way, lets all work together to ensure that everyone has a great Muster. We hope that all communities and charities involved benefit and that we all leave the 2016 Muster with a sense of happiness and fulfilment knowing that in our own small way we have assisted many people less fortunate than ourselves.

We encourage you to dress up your campsite, and would suggest that you do this in a manner that does not promote any brand of alcohol, but in a way that promotes the all-Australian theme of this year’s Muster.