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Hussy Hicks

When you think of the USA’s Deep South, you think of bluegrass and country, rhythm and blues. When you think of the Gold Coast it’s all about the surf. Hussy Hicks have taken the best of both and brought them to life with their new album.

Hussy Hicks have a strong connection to Alabama, drawn there regularly in the past ten years to perform, record and revitalise between tours of Europe, USA and Australia. So it’s no surprise that release was recorded deep in the heart of Dixie.
They had previously recorded an album in Muscle Shoals for good friend Kristy Lee but this time they had a chance to cut some Hussy Hicks Tracks.

The country focus will be no surprise to Hussy Hicks’ long-time fans. Leesa Gentz grew up in the Australian country scene, signing to ABC records at just 16 years old. As always, the Hussies’ music is a melting pot of influences.