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Lyn Bowtell

Lyn Bowtell first came to prominence as songwriter and singer for multi award winning Country Pop trio Bella, since then she has released two critically acclaimed solo albums, ’Secret Songs’ (WJO) in 2012, and ‘Heart of
Sorrow’ (Maven/Sony) in 2014.
An innovative and creative songwriter Lyn defies musical constraint and easy classification.
With influences reaching from pure Country to Blues and Jazz to Reggae and Pop, Lyn has her own distinctive voice and musical identity.

Lyn Bowtell’s most recent album ‘Heart of Sorrow’ won her her third Golden Guitar for Best Alternative Country Album of 2015.

In 2017 Lyn was nominated for 7 Golden Guitars, 5 with her side project Bennett, Bowtell & Urquhart and 2 for ‘Vocal Collaboration of the Year’, winning two with Bennett,Bowtell & Urquhart for ‘Best Alternative Country Album’ and ‘Group or Duo of the Year’ and one herself for ‘Vocal Collaboration of the Year’