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Melanie Dyer

Melanie Dyer is a country girl born and raised in the small country town of Mount Russell, about a half hour from Inverell in northern New South Wales. Dyer has listened to country music her whole life, She plays acoustic guitar and writes songs from an honest place. By drawing truth from who she is and what she loves, a fusion of country and pop sounds were created and is identifiable across the songs on her debut EP ‘Lifetime’.

The EP shows off Melanie’s take on country, which is fresh, fun and ‘feel-good’.

Dyer has put together a band that features Thomas Waller on Drums, Jacob Benko on guitar and having just completed a string of dates through New South Wales they hope to gig their way up the coast into Queensland to share their sound. Melanie says, “I want to play my new songs to as many people as possible and play them to the supporters that have been waiting for the past three years”.