SHARON & NOELA – Gympie Show Society

Sharon was a first time volunteer in 2018. She spent most of it in the Muster General Store.  The General Store is run by the Gympie Show Society and stocks everything from vegemite to toothpicks. 

Sharon was coaxed behind the counter by Muster stalwart, Noela, who has spent 35 years flogging tomato sauce and tea bags to Muster campers every August.   She does love a chat but her sweetener for signing up each year is her husband’s  dislike of the activity : “makes me love it all the more,” she gleefully says. 

LESLIE – Running bar stock to thirsty Muster patrons 

Leslie is part of the Lions Volunteer brigade who run the alcohol stores over Festival. 

You’d reckon that might be an ok job but people tend to get a bit worked up in bars when they run short of a beer and Leslie’s job is to get around and make sure that doesn’t happen.  At all.  The hours are long (sometimes til 3am) and often thankless (we need more Iron Jack, stat!  We’re getting smashed here!!). 

Leslie manages to drop the cartons off with grace and charm and a take no prisoners approach (“they’ll get it when I get there”).  Her stock records are sharp and she knows her way around a cold room. 

FOR 38 YEARS, the Gympie Music Muster has operated as a social enterprise, before that term became fashionable.  It began as a way of assisting and supporting the local community and has evolved, never far from its community roots, to the large festival it is today. 

More than 50 community groups are involved in festival operations every year, paid by Muster proceeds to run essential services and have some fun doing it.

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