An exercise in mass movement means you don’t have to be Michael Flatley to get on the floor.

All lines of course, no free hand positioning and definitely no circles for those of you thinking about the possibility of a Ho-Down.  The music will start, with a simple country rhythm – not too fast you can’t keep up and not so slow you’ll fall asleep between steps.

The esteemed guides and lead dancers, whose passion has been Line Dancing for some years, will stand up the front and let you follow them.  Like mirror dancing, only you don’t have to watch yourself. Thankfully.

To sign up for the session, you can be a novice (you only tried it at last year’s Muster), a Liner from way back (you’ve danced your way around every public gathering for the last 15 years) or uninitiated (you have never danced in public on the advice of your friends but this could be failsafe).

You will never be asked to do The Worm, The Sprinkler or The Swim but you will kick your feet around a bit and feel like you have some moves that work to the music and possibly, but not guaranteed, to be in time with those around you.

Of course, don’t think you can use what you have learnt at the next Latin Dance display in downtown Havana. That could get ugly. But you will be able to answer the Line Dancers’ Call at the next function, and maybe even give Russell Coight a run for his money.

It’s more fun than a PT session and the best way to start your Muster day!

From 8.30am every morning in the Blues Bar – see program



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