POETRY as intriguing as pensioners at a swingers party

‘A good bush poet never knows they’re great until they’re dead.’

Gympie Music Muster, as usual, provides a chance for a not so dead bunch of almost famous poets to engage an audience, each morning, with a side of eggs and hash browns.

An Italian concreter who is also a Naked Poet, a rat from Ballarat, a Coodabeen Champion and Muz, the man who made flying funny, will demonstrate their lyrical talents over coffee from 8.30am in the Muster Club each morning over Muster week.

The yodelling poet may curdle your hot chocolate, but apparently she looks a lot prettier than the rest of them.

Tales of euthanasia, pensioners at a Swingers party, backyard cricket and pole dancing traffic operators will keep breakfast light and make for a giggling start to the day.

IT MIGHT be your year to have a crack at a rhyming verse yourself …

In 2018 festival-goers can enter their original poem in the Amateur Poet’s Brawl for a chance to win a $100 cash prize, a host of CDs, Muster souvenirs and plenty of glory.

Be in it by Sunday morning 8.30am.  Hand your poems in at the venue and if you’re selected you’ll get to come on stage and read/recite your poem.   Topics are subject to whatever you might find amusing.  Hopefully the rest of us will too.

While reciting your poem, one of two things will happen. If you go over 60 seconds, Ray will gong you.  If you go under 60 seconds, you will be in the running to win.   Audience applause will decide the winner. BYO support crew with loud cheering abilities.

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