Muster has never just been about the passive patron.  We want you to get involved, to get your hands dirty with an instrument, to wave your hat, to scoot your boots.  While youre with us over the four days of festival, here are four ways the Muster makes our music yours in 2018. 

Aussie Blues player Ian Collard (belting out his harp with a range of talents like Ash Grunwald and the Australian Ballet), will lead the lessons. Not quite as easy as the recorder, but less tedious for the family to put up with the practice sessions.  Best travelling instrument – no power, no space, no tuning, (a little spit cleaning every now and then may be required).  From campfire to stage, always a hit, ask Stevie Wonder.  

If the guitar always looked like too many strings, we offer you a chance to try the uke.  Cuter, more compact, unique sound and not much competition in the industry.  Workshops at Muster can get you started on the road to Ukulele hero. Or at the very least, party favourite. 

Boot Scooters are front and centre at Muster, as usual.  Bring those boots, scoot along to the Guided Line Dancing, make friends and influence people.  When the boots are warmed up, the Rock and Roll dance slots are on, with a band, live and loud. There is bound to be someone on the floor who can twist and shout. 

Aspiring musos, join those in the business and the know to discuss life after CDs.  As streaming becomes the way of the future, our panel of industry professionals will discuss how the music business will adjust and prosper in a new digital world. 

Find out more ways to get involved here  

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