Bring your talent to this year’s Gympie Music Muster.

It’s back!  The competition that helped kick start the careers of Mark O’Shea, Drew McAlister, Liam Brew and Brooke McClymont. 

If you’ve ever sung into a hairbrush, danced in the dark or played some savage air guitar, there’s a chance you might want to do it for real in front of a judging panel at Gympie Music Muster this August. 

You won’t have to count on your hairbrush for feedback.  There’ll be a full backing band at your disposal, good lighting and an appreciative audience if you make it through to semi finals in the Muster week at the end of August.  Digital auditions will determine fitness to take a spot in the semis, and winners will be decided on Main Stage on the last day of Muster.  Next stop Nashville. 

A fully paid trip to Nashville 2019 [thanks to Soundmart Tours], as well as superb products, introductions to industry and outsourced publicity are all part of a massive prize package.  Winner also snags the chance of standing in the spotlight before big audiences at Tamworth and Norfolk Island in the following months.  A paid performance will be locked in for Gympie Music Muster 2019, after 12 months of working on proper world fame and hopefully, fortune.

Muster Talent Search is open to juniors (12-17 years) and anyone over 18. Talent knows no age boundaries.  The Next Big Thing could be you. 

Applications now open, closing June 30.  Full prize pool, and all the nitty gritty right here:  2018 Muster Talent Search 

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