Urban Dictionary:   

‘Any very relaxed, laid back seshes that take place in the daytime. May come on the tail end of a really crazy night.’

Muster’s Sunday Sesh is a complete chiller after the full on country rock n roll of the Viper Creek Band / Murphy’s Pigs / McClymonts / Chase Rice show Saturday night. 

Can’t make it out for four fabulous days of festival fun in the forest this August?  We’re making a Sunday Session easy for you. Chill in the forest all afternoon, with a front row seat, your favourite beverage and the best live music in town. 




KIRSTY LEE AKERS  |  12.30pm  Main Stage

MICKI FREE  |   1.40pm  Main stage

CHAD MORGAN |  4pm  The Grove

TEX PERKINS  |   5.20pm  Jim Beam Blues Bar

BRAD COX   |    10pm  Crow Bar


Muster Sunday on sale now:  $115 online

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