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Ticket Terms & Conditions

This ticket is sold or provided (including any resale or subsequent assignment) on the express condition that the holder is bound by the rules & regulations issued by the event organiser, Gympie Muster Ltd (ABN 90 147 875 401). By purchasing this ticket you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained herein and on the Gympie Muster website.

‘You’ and ‘Your’ refers to the customer. ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’, ‘Muster’ and ‘Event Organiser’ refers to Gympie Muster Ltd its employees, contractors, volunteers and authorized persons. This agreement means these terms and conditions and any other conditions specified by Us on Our website and booking forms.

Directions of Muster Staff: You must follow the reasonable directions of Muster staff as required and comply with the law at all times during the event.

Proof of Age: The Muster is open to all ages. You must have proof of age photo ID to purchase or consume alcohol in the Muster Site. We reserve the right to evict any underage person (or persons unable to provide proof of age ID) if found trying to purchase or consuming alcohol.

Conditions of Sale: All bookings and ticket purchases are non-transferable and may not be sold or transferred by You.

All tickets and products are priced in Australian dollars, which are inclusive of GST. We reserve the right to charge a fee for the following:

$20 fee for the replacement of lost, destroyed or stolen tickets hard copy tickets.

booking fees, including credit card surcharges, to cover administrative costs.

Ticket re-issue fee (change the name on your ticket) up to 2 times. This incurs a fee of $20 per ticket. Ticket re-issues will close at 9am Monday 24 August 2020.

Your electronic ticket is your ticket to the event and must be presented at the event entry to gain entry. Your ticket will be emailed to the email address specified during booking as a PDF attachment once your credit card has been successfully charged.

Refund and Cancellation Policy: 

As the Gympie Music Muster is a charity, it does NOT provide refunds on tickets or service fee except where required by law or in accordance with Live Performance Australia’s Ticketing Code of Practice. For more information please visit:

Tickets purchased for the Gympie Music Muster are non-refundable. Gympie Muster Limited and Apex Club Gympie may in exceptional and extenuating circumstances provide a refund provided a written request and supporting documentation is provided (eg. for a valid medical reason (COVID 19) with accompanying proof of documents from a medical professional). Incorrect purchases will be refunded only at the discretion of the event organiser. 

 Circumstances where a refund will NOT be provided are :

  1. Inclement weather. The Muster is an all-weather event and will proceed regardless.
  2. Partial use of a ticket. If you choose to leave the event early, a refund will not be granted for the unused portion of the ticket.  : If a patron becomes symptomatic during the event and presents to a medical professional immediately on-site, the patron must leave the event and undergo a COVID test within 48 hours and provide a copy of their COVID-19 test result report to the management team for consideration of a partial refund of their ticket, to be determined by the event organiser after the event has concluded.
  3. Refund on partially purchased tickets. By signing up to “Time to Pay” you are committed to pay the full ticket purchase price + booking fees. Payment plans cannot be cancelled prior to full payment.  

If Gympie Muster Ltd is forced to cancel the 2021 event due to a Government Health Directive (including COVID-19), all ticket holders will be given the option of:

  1. a refund or
  2. to transfer the ticket to the following Gympie Music Muster held by Gympie Muster Ltd.

    We reserve the right to change, add, reschedule or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, prices, venues, seating arrangements and audience capacity, vary the Muster Site and/or the Camping Site without prior notification and deny admission to the Muster Site and/or Camping Site (including admission to a particular performance at the Muster Site) with reasonable cause.

    Ticket Restrictions: It is a condition of sale that tickets may not be offered for unauthorised re-sale, on 3rd party websites such as Ebay or Gumtree. Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale at a premium (including online auction sites) or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including but not limited to competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services, either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer. If a ticket is used in breach of these conditions, it may be cancelled without refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission. Tickets cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion whether commercial or non-commercial without the prior written consent of the Event organisers. The resale of tickets in certain circumstances is governed by ticket sales legislation and may attract criminal penalties.

    Ticket Purchase Limits: Any tickets purchased in excess of the event Ticket/Transaction limit may be cancelled at the discretion of the Muster.

    Privacy Policy: In order to purchase Your ticket, we may need to collect and keep personal information about You including Your name, address, credit card or payment details, telephone number and the names of all ticket allocations. Unless You tell Us otherwise, we may disclose Your contact details to third parties so they can provide You with promotional material about other events and products. We may also need to disclose Your personal information as required by law or as permitted under the Privacy Act. Our Privacy Policy outlines how We will handle Your personal information.

    RFID Wristbands: Your ticket will be exchanged for an RFID wristband that you MUST keep on for the duration of the event. Anyone entering the site without a valid wristband will be deemed to have trespassed and will be handed over to the Police.

    Damaged or defaced wristbands will not be accepted and wristbands which are removed or tampered with will be rendered invalid and will not be replaced. Replacement is not available for lost, destroyed or stolen wristbands, unless proof of purchase is presented.

    Entry Conditions:  The Event is open to all ages. Patrons under the age of 18 years that attend the Event must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times in accordance with the Qld Liquor Act 1992. Who is a responsible adult for a minor, each of the following persons is a responsible adult for a minor (a) A parent, step parent or guardian of the minor, (b) an adult who has parental rights and responsibilities for the minor. Children who behave in a disorderly, disruptive or inappropriate manner may at the sole discretion of the Event organisers be required to leave. In that instance, the guardian of minor in question will also be required to leave the festival.

    Admission to the Muster site (including campgrounds) is at the ticket holders own risk. Appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times whilst on the Muster site. You acknowledge that neither We nor the venue will be responsible for any loss or damage to property (including personal property such as bags, money or other personal items) brought to or purchased at the Event by You or Your invitees. You will be liable for any loss or damage caused at the Event by You or Your invitees. In the event of injury or illness We may, at Your cost, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for your safety.

    Animals are not permitted on the Muster site (including campgrounds), except in accordance with legislation.

    The Muster site (including campgrounds) is a Glass Free Zone. No glass is to be brought into any part of the venue.

    Search on Entry: It may be a condition of entry to the Event that a search of Your person and/or Your possessions is required at the time of entry to the venue. Glass, alcohol, weapons, illegal substances or any item the Event organisers consider may be used in an illegal or offensive manner may be confiscated. Refusal to consent to a search will prevent entry to the Event, without refund. Sealed plastic water bottles will be permitted to be brought into the Event. The contents of any opened plastic water bottles will not be permitted into the venue.

    Lost Property: Will be available at the cloak room opposite the foyer gates and items of considerable value will be given to the Police and available from their compound.  30 minutes – 1 hour after the last act on mainstage, a volunteer community group will come and move all items left to the nearest tree on the hill. The purpose of this is so that the volunteer group can clean the hill appropriately for the next day. If you do happen to leave your items on the hill, we are not and will not be responsible the security of these items.

    Recording of the Muster: Audio or visual recordings of the Event are prohibited. Still cameras (not professional) are permitted but images may only be used for private purposes and not public display. By attending the Event, You consent to being included in any film and/or sound recordings of the Event that may take place and agree for these recordings to be used by the Event Organiser. Camera phones and video footage is permitted to be shared on social media.

    Recorded images:  Gympie Music Muster reserves the right to use official photographs, video, or other digital media (“photo”) taken at the event in any and all of its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration. This shall apply in perpetuity.   The Muster reserves the right to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, or distribute these photos for any lawful purpose. In addition, the Muster does not require the subject’s approval for use of material wherein the likeness appears. the subject shall have no right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photo.

    Behaviour:  You must ensure that You and Your invitees act in an orderly manner when attending the Event. We may refuse entry or evict You or any of Your invitees if they are behaving in a disorderly, offensive, threatening or inappropriate manner towards any person.

    Smoking Policy:  No smoking is permitted in any indoor area of the Muster. The Muster has smoking only areas where food and drink cannot be consumed.

    Alcohol: The Muster venue is fully licensed, therefore only alcohol purchased from bars at the Muster may be consumed on site. BYO alcohol will not be permitted within the Muster venue and will be confiscated. Any Patron wishing to consume alcohol must have valid photographic ID (Australian driver’s license, ’Proof of Age’ card or valid Passport). We reserve the right to evict patrons who disobey or break Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation and the law.

    You must be of legal age (18 years) to purchase and consume alcohol at the Muster. If you are found supplying or buying alcohol for a minor (a person under 18 years of age) you will be evicted from the Event and will be referred to the police.

    Drugs: if you are found supplying, consuming or in possession of illicit drugs anywhere on the Muster site (including campgrounds) you will be evicted from the premises and will be referred to the police.

    Signage: Trading signs or other signs are not permitted without prior written consent of the Muster. No ticket holder is entitled to do any trading without the written consent of the Event organisers.

    Camping:  Every person camping on the site during the Muster must have a ticket. No refunds will be made should you decide not to camp or attend the Muster due to inclement weather. Camping is only permitted in designated areas and not beyond the marked perimeter and State Forest Park guidelines (available from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service) apply. The Muster will not be responsible for any belongings left behind.

    Roadways and designated trails must be kept clear. Public road rules apply, obey all traffic signs.

    Fires are only permitted when the Muster has been granted a fire permit. Wood fires are only permissible in suitable metal fire drums/containers. Firewood is available for purchase from Community Groups onsite.

    Unruly behaviour, loud music or noise will not be tolerated and may result in Your removal from the campgrounds. You will be removed from the campgrounds if you behave in a threatening or inappropriate manner (aggressive, riotous, abusive, or insulting actions) towards other campers or Muster staff.

    Environment: The Muster cares for the environment. Please place any litter in the recycle or other bins provided around the Muster site (including campgrounds).  As part of our commitment to our beautiful park grounds we return them to pre festival conditions or better and appreciate your help in achieving this by leaving your area free from any litter or debris, bins are provided and we make every endeavour to have them empty by our contractors on a regular basis.  For anyone bringing in lounges to the campsite a $50 cash security deposit will be collected by our camp wardens and refunded to you when you remove them from site, the camp wardens will explain process to you when payment is made. (Disposal of lounges in the past has cost the Muster considerable expense)

    Release: To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept liability of any nature for the acts, omissions or default of those providing services in connection with the Event or any liability for any injury, damage, loss, delay or additional expenses which are incurred at or in association with this Event. Where legislation implies any condition or warranty which cannot be excluded or modified, that condition or warranty will be deemed to be included in this agreement. However, our liability for any breach of such condition or warranty will be limited, at Our option, to the resupply of the services or the cost of having the services supplied again. In no event will We be liable for any indirect, consequential, exemplary or special damages.

    Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia.